We create buildings and businesses that foster innovation and solve big problems.

At Avery Group, we are experts at building lasting businesses that define or redefine sectors. We care equally about our community, our climate and our people. Mainly, our investments focus on agritech, industrial and residential real estate.

Avery Farms

Avery Family Farms

Where building innovation, agriculture and technology meet. Our investment in the agritech sector is growing and we’ll have delicious developments to announce in the coming year. Stay tuned.

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Avery Industrial Park

Avery Business Park

Upon completion in 2023/2024, Avery Business Park development will be among the largest of its kind in British Columbia. Spanning over 110 acres, it will offer small, medium and large light industrial strata sales opportunities. Located in Okanagan Falls, only 15 minutes from Penticton. For Lower mainland business, this is a rare opportunity to secure the land necessary to expand your business.

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